Our commitment with service goes far beyond. We know that the daily activity of your company cannot be stopped: any contingency or stoppage would be disastrous. Today, more than ever before, the accumulated energy is essential for the provision of services and production processes.

For this reason, ecoBatería always offers you the most advanced battery restoration technology in the world, together with a team of professionals specialized in restoration and maintenance. Apart from providing you with all the necessary technology and products (and taking into account that we are highly specialized in this field), we are also qualified to offer our customers the services stated below:

  • Full consulting and advisory service with regard to battery maintenance and preservation.
  • All the necessary technical support for the proper use of restoration technology, so that the equipment can achieve its maximum level of performance.
  • A prompt response to all the questions our customers may have about the most appropriate way to apply the restoration system when dealing with their day-to-day work.
  • The necessary training for an efficient maintenance, restoration, and preservation management of the battery bank.
Download our catalog of products and services (PDF)