A greener world is the responsibility of all mankind, with one of its main objectives being the protection of our planet in order to keep it unspoilt and alive for our future generations.

In 2007, and in the middle of a global economic crisis, the company ecoBatería was set up aimed at contributing to this objective through the use of technologies which could avoid the disposal of the toxic waste which is part of lead-acid and nickel-cadmium batteries.

EcoBatería is made up of a group of professionals specialized in systems and technologies targeted at the restoration of batteries who are convinced that the requirements of the companies imply the need to make them more environmentally and economically sustainable.

For this reason, we have devoted ourselves to the urgent and, at the same time, demanding need to extend the service life of batteries. Thanks to this process, we can achieve both a reduction in the amount of pollutants and a huge financial saving which will help us improve the environment and our competitiveness.

This is the objective and the reason for the existence of ecoBatería.

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