solar energy
Solar batteries are the essential complement to photovoltaic or wind installations. The electric power supplied by the solar panels or wind turbines is stored inside the battery for its subsequent use; mainly at night time when the solar radiation is null or when the panels or turbines, due to weather conditions, are not able to generate enough electric current to provide supply for the installation.

The batteries used for solar energy installations are Deep Cycle Batteries, which are designed for depths of discharge of up to 80% DOD (Depth of Discharge).

Solar batteries of multiple capacities and dimensions can be used depending on the necessary power to provide the installation with a good electricity supply. The ones with more capacity are used for common purposes and in the event of high electricity demand while the smaller ones (monobloc) are used in the event of low power demand and/or occasional use.

To carry out the restoration of this type of batteries, we recommend the following equipment:

Other additional equipment may be necessary and/or recommendable.