Nickel-cadmium batteries are used for a wide range of general-purpose stationary applications, such as alarms, photovoltaic systems, telecommunications, railway and naval signalling, thermal, hydroelectric and nuclear power stations, and oil and offshore platforms, among others.

Nickel-cadmium batteries currently represent one of the most well-established battery technologies and are reported to have one of the largest productions after lead-acid batteries.

Their main disadvantage is caused by a temporary effect of loss of their capacity (commonly known as “Memory Effect”) when they are discharged and charged up to the same level on numerous occasions. The cause, to express it somehow, is that the battery “remembers” the discharge and charge levels and, at this point, it will experience a voltage drop during discharge; thus offering less discharge time.

The technology of ecoBatería, through its pieces of equipment, can significantly reduce the “Memory Effect” and restore, to a great extent, the initial capacities of the batteries.

To carry out the restoration of this type of batteries, we recommend the following equipment:

Other additional equipment may be necessary and/or recommendable.