golf cart
The batteries used for the electric drive system of a golf cart are Deep Cycle Batteries in a monobloc format which can have different voltages (frequently 6 volts). They are manufactured using thick plates which allow for numerous operation cycles and require some maintenance (addition of distilled water).

In this sport, the state and quality of the battery are of paramount importance, since long journeys over winding terrains which are far from the recharge point usually take place.

In addition to restoration technology, Maroo and ecoBatería have developed the CBMS (which stands for Cart Battery Monitoring System), the leading system for real-time monitoring of golf cart batteries through the CBMS software.

The devices installed in the cart register and send the charge status and the remaining power of each battery of the vehicle which is in operation. Please, refer to the brochure of the product for further information.

To carry out the restoration of this type of batteries, we recommend the following equipment:

Other additional equipment may be necessary and/or recommendable.